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“Takeout” (Salamander, forthcoming)

“Concert Dress” (Cave Wall, forthcoming)

“What my wife didn’t tell you in her poem” and “Nativity” (Pirene’s Fountain, forthcoming)

“Soundtracking” (Five South, “The Weekly,” January 3, 2023)

“Elegy for Mrs. Mullane” and “Volta” (upstreet, Issue 18, December 2022)

“What’s Kept Alive” (Poetry Unbound podcast, November 18, 2022)

“Siren,” “Triangling,” “Edamame,” and “Pool” (Plume, October 2022)

“Seen” (RHINO, 2022)

“Collusion” (Barzakh Magazine, Summer 2022)

“Survivor’s Bell” (236: Creative Writing Alumni Journal, Spring 2022. Originally published by Louisiana Literature, Issue 37.2)

“Afternoon Infusion” (Poetry Daily, February 15, 2022. Originally published by Hartford Courant, June 13, 2018)

“Wild,” “Supercuts,” and “Mahjong” (Platform Review, Winter 2021)

New York Movie, 1939″ (Nixes Mate Anthology: In the Time of Covid, Fall 2021)

“Owl” (Verse Daily, November 10, 2021. Originally published by Louisiana Literature, Issue 37.2)

“Canyon of Heroes” and “First Snow” (wildness, Issue No. 28, November 2021)

“Autumnal Equinox” (Thimble Literary Magazine, Fall 2021, Vol. 4, No. 2)

“Tokyo Army Hospital” (Ran Off with the Star Bassoon, 1st Session, Fall 2021)

New York Movie, 1939″ (Nixes Mate Review, Issue 20, Summer 2021)

“Captain Ahab: A Sonnet” (Defenestration, April 25, 2021)

“Hand Tilling” (Waking Up to the Earth: Connecticut Poets in a Time of Global Climate Crisis anthology, Grayson Press, April 2021. Originally published by Here: a poetry journal, Issue 2, 2018)

“Ride Home” (New Square, Volume 3, Issue 1, Fall 2020)

“The Moon of Ubasute” (The Night Heron Barks, Fall 2020)

“Owl” and “Survivor’s Bell” (Louisiana Literature, Issue 37.2)

“Away in Boston, Riding the Green Line” (Quadra Mag, May 4, 2020)

“The Fern” (Beloit Poetry Journal, Spring 2020)

Sun in an Empty Room, 1963″ (THINK: A Journal of Poetry, Fiction, and Essays, Summer/Fall 2019)

“Artificial Flavors” and “Memorial” (Crab Creek Review, Fall 2019, Semifinalists, 2019 Poetry Prize)

“Hama” (Stonecoast Review, Issue 11, Summer 2019)

“Duende” (Mud Season Review – “The Take” March 2019)

“Misfortuned” and “Family Anthem” (DMQ Review, Spring 2019)

“Five Minutes on High” (Naugatuck River Review, Winter/Spring 2019, Finalist, 2018 Narrative Poetry Contest)

“Tillage” and “Measuring Distance” (Here: a poetry journal, Issue 2, 2018)

“Burial” (Gravel, October 2018)

“Afternoon Infusion,” “The Hardest Part of Some Nights,” “The Miss Anita,” “Morning Coffee,” “Watching Grass Grow,” and “What’s Kept Alive” (Hartford Courant, June 13, 2018)

“Detainment” (Poet Lore, Spring/Summer 2018)

“Plein Air” (Birch Gang Review, June 2016)

“Altar” (Drunk Monkeys, June 2015)

“Ritual” (Tule Review, April 2015)

“Little Miss Perfect” (Gravel, April 2015)

“Starfish Envy” (Freshwater, 2015)

“Turning 49” (Rust + Moth, Autumn 2014)

“Buried” (East Coast Literary Review, Fall 2014)

“Riff” (Connecticut River Review, 2014)

“Taxi de Toledo” (Crack the Spine Literary Magazine, Issue 113, May 2014)

“Breakfast,” “Curse of Dust,” and “Frozen in March” (Mouse Tales Press, April 2014)

“La Sidrería” (San Pedro River Review, Spring 2014)

“Screaming Crows” (Off the Coast, Summer 2013)

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